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VR Booth

VrBooth.com is availaible for purchase
Buy It Now Price: $7450
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Domain name business value:
  • Great Service Description, Keyword Rich name.
  • Capture Daily Natural Type-in Traffic for "VR Booth" from potential customers, partners, employees, journalists.
  • ~500 Potential Customers monthly searches
    according to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
  • .COM - Most Trusted, Popular and Used domain name extension in the world.
  • Easy to Advertise both online and offline.
  • Highly Brandable & Relevant to VR business.
  • Easy to Read, Remember, Say over the phone.
  • 8 years old domain name.
  • Advertising and marketing costs reducing.
  • Higher placement on Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Why this price?

Reported sales of similar domains:
  • vrplus.com : $8,250
  • vraudio.com : $8,000
  • vrtech.com : $5,000
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How you can use this domain:
  • Redirect visitors to your current website
  • Make this domain primary for your business
  • Protect market space by blocking your competition from owning this name
  • Add real asset value to your business
  • Great long term investment potential
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